Exam results Q&A

Exam results 2020 - framework and process

As a result of school closure's, this year’s summer exam series, including A levels, GCSEs and other qualifications, and all primary assessments, have been cancelled.

Details of the Government's approach can be found here or via the individual links listed below:

Questions and answers

1.Did exams and assessments need to be cancelled?

2.What will happen to those who have already done some non-exam assessment?

3.How will you ensure that certain groups of students (for example those from disadvantaged backgrounds) do not lose out because of bias in teachers’ assessments?

4.Will A level students get the predicted grades that were used for university applications?

5.Will schools be using mock exam results as a barometer for centre assessment grades results – and is this fair on students as they did not know at the time these would be used as their final mark?

6.Will the past performance of the school be taken into account when devising the calculated grade?

7.Is this an entirely new system?

8.When will students get their results?

9.Will universities, colleges and sixth forms accept these grades?

10.What if students are unhappy with their calculated grade?

11.What about private candidates or home educated students?

12.Can private centres run GCSEs, AS levels or A levels if they choose to do so?

13.Does this mean that every exam in every module in every subject has been cancelled, or will a limited number go ahead at GCSE and/or A level?

14.What about vocational and technical qualifications?

15.Will students be required to do further work to contribute towards their grade?

16.Can schools and colleges take incomplete coursework into account?

17.What will young people with university offers do?

18.Do universities need to start making unconditional offers / should students accept an unconditional offer now that exams are cancelled?

19.If students already have an unconditional offer, does that remain?

20.If students take the exam option, will they still be able to go to university this year?

21.Are iGCSEs and the International Baccalaureate also cancelled?

22.How will colleges, sixth-forms and universities cope with the fact that these students will have missed out on some of their education?



Last updated 28th May