How your MP can help


As a Member of Parliament, it is my job to represent all of my constituents, whatever their age, and whether or not they voted for me.

If you are a constituent, I can help you in a number of ways for example:

  • I can make representations on your behalf
  • I can write to local councils and other agencies, as well as to relevant government ministers
  • I can raise your concern publicly and locally

You should be aware that there is a strict Parliamentary protocol which prevents me from intervening on behalf of another MP’s constituents - you can find out if I am your MP by entering your postcode here.

When you write to me via letter or email, please always make sure to include your full name and address, including your postcode, so that I can respond to you promptly.

Learn more about the work of MPs here.


Types of issues that I am asked to help with

I am approached for help on a very wide range of issues and I have a small team to help me take up problems on your behalf. Where there are matters which potentially affect national legislation, I can raise these with colleagues, ministers and in debates in the House of Commons.

As an MP I do not have jurisdiction over local council decisions. Issues, such as housing and roads, are primarily the responsibility of local councils for example, so you should exhaust their referral processes first, and where appropriate seek the help of your ward councillor before bringing it to me, as this will be your quickest route to resolution.

Please note that Members of Parliament are not permitted to intervene in any matters of a legal nature and cannot offer legal advice.