Temporary Stamp Duty holiday

Miriam Cates MP speaks in a debate about the temporary stamp duty cut, noting it's importance in helping drive the post-COVID economic recovery.

South Yorkshire devolution approved

Miriam Cates MP discusses the importance of the South Yorkshire devolution deal citing the benefits to local economic regeneration.

Trade Bill 2020

Miriam Cates MP sets out the case for voting to pass the UK Trade Bill and why NC4, NC11 and NC17 did not fit the bill.

Hollin Busk development decision

Miriam Cates MP welcomes Sheffield Planning Committee's decision to refuse outline permission for up to 85 houses at Hollin Busk.

Chancellor's plan for jobs

Miriam Cates MP welcomes Chancellor's plan to protect, support and create jobs which will help businesses and people across the constituency of Penistone and Stocksbridge

A bright future for UK steel

Miriam Cates MP takes part in meetings to discuss the importance of UK steel to the Government's wide ranging infrastructure plans.

Boris Johnson's New Deal for Britain

Miriam Cates MP discusses the Prime Minister's New Deal for Britain - a plan to help the UK come back stronger, better and more united than ever before.

Delivering a greener cleaner economy

Miriam Cates MP discusses the need to take the learnings of lockdown and to use them to build a new greener cleaner future as we power up the economy.