Penistone & Stocksbridge

Profile of Penistone & Stocksbridge

The constituency of Penistone & Stocksbridge lies in the the most southerly county in Yorkshire, South Yorkshire, and is made up of rural and urban landscapes which include:.

  • the Dodworth, Penistone East, and Penistone West wards of the Metropolitan Borough of Barnsley
  • the Stocksbridge and Upper Don, East Ecclesfield and West Ecclesfield wards of the Metropolitan Borough of Sheffield

The constituency has a number of communities which were founded on the coal and steel industries, and to this day steel remains an important local industry. The landscape is part rural with Yorkshire dry-stone walls, small hamlets and farms and part urban with busy communities largely built as a result of the seat's industrial heritage. 


General Election 2019

There were 70,925 electors registered to vote in the 2019 General Election which saw a turnout of 69.8% with the following vote share:

47.8% - Conservative
33.3% - Labour
10.2% - Liberal Democrat    
 8.7% - The Brexit Party